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Story Dolls - Snow White & Seven Dwarfs
SNOW WHITE AND SEVEN DWARFS - a reversible story-telling doll.  Snow White comes with the seven..
RM79.90 RM67.90
Story Dolls - Red Riding Hood
RED RIDING HOOD :  a reversible story-telling doll. Turn Red Riding Hood over and you will get ..
RM55.90 RM47.50
Story Dolls - Sleeping Beauty
SLEEPING BEAUTY - a reversible story-telling doll.  Turn Princess over and you will find the go..
RM59.90 RM50.90
Story Dolls - Peter Pan
PETER PAN - a reversible story-telling doll.    Turn Peter Pan over and you will find..
RM55.90 RM47.50
Story Dolls - Goldilocks & 3 Bears
GOLDILOCK AND 3 BEARS - a reversible story-telling doll. Turn Goldilock over and you will find Papa ..
RM63.90 RM54.50
Story Dolls - Cinderella
CINDERELLA - a reversible story telling doll.  Turn over Cinderella and you will find the Princ..
RM55.90 RM48.00
Wallcharts- Alphabets
ALPHABETS - the embroidered alphabets on the chart have little slit pockets for children to match an..
RM119.90 RM99.00
Wallcharts- Feelings
FEELINGS - have fun using the embroidered faces with different expressions to match with the words o..
RM119.90 RM99.00
Wallcharts- My Responsibility
MY RESPONSIBILITY CHART -  this chart has a list of daily activities for children to do on a we..
RM129.90 RM105.00
Wallcharts- Learn To Count
LEARN TO COUNT - chart includes little embroidered pieces for children to learn and count with the a..
RM119.90 RM99.00
Wallcharts- My Number Caterpillar
NUMBER CATEPILLAR - a chart that helps children learn and count numbers. Insert the embroidered numb..
RM119.90 RM99.00
Wallcharts- Sunflower Weather
SUNFLOWER WEATHER CHART - a chart with a sunflower patttern for children to children to learn to&nbs..
RM119.90 RM99.00
Wallcharts- Rewards Chart
MY REWARD CHART - reward the child with a Star once an activity is completed. The words have velcro ..
RM129.90 RM105.00
Wallcharts- All About Today
ALL ABOUT TODAY - a chart to learn about days, date, years, weather and season. Words are embroidere..
RM129.90 RM105.00
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