Educational Game - Froggy Comes Home

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The rain has come and all froggies must find their way home.

Each player takes 1 log. Arrange all the coloured balls in the respective coloured rows on top of board. First player throws the dice and rotate the leave left or right according to the colour of the dice. If player dice a frog, then player gets to rotate the leaf to move the ball. If player dice a crocodile, player losses a turn. The aim of the game is to bring the coloured balls all down to the corresponding finished point on bottom of board. If player gets the ball to the bottom of the board, player gets to keep the ball in the log. Whoever collects all the coloured balls in the log wins the game.  Instruction included. up to 4 players.

Product Size: L: 23cm  x  W: 26cm  x  H: 7cm

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