WePlay Rolling 4 Fun

Brand: WePlay
Product Code: WE-KF0009
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(3 Pieces - 1 Maze and 2 Balls)

Weplay® Rolling 4 Fun contains a four-sided track and two balls. Children can roll the small ball along the track on all four sides to enhance their fine motor skills and exercise the muscles in their arms and fingers. Keeping their eyes on the moving ball enhances visual tracking and concentration. Holding the track to do various activities improves hand stability. Blowing the small ball is good for the development of oral muscles. Flipping the ball forward or backward enhances the flexibility of fingers. Playing Rolling 4 Fun also enhances upper arm flexibility.
•Use all 4 sides of the toy
•Use the mouth to blow the ball through the mazes
•Build hand-eye coordination
•3-4 Years
•Comes with a fast and slow ball

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