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Occupational Therapy Tools

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Colourful Clown
Teaches children to distinguish shapes and colours A wooden pegboard with 4 stacks of geometric s..
RM87.90 RM70.00
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Basic Versa Tiles
Children will be able to form innumerable and fascinating patterns by combining the 8 squares and 16..
RM83.90 RM75.00
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Versa Tiles
A set of 28 colour wooden pieces. Offers unlimited scope for exercise of imagination and creative th..
RM83.90 RM72.00
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Peg Board Creative Mosaic
Peg board can train hand eye coordination in children, be able to focus.     ..
RM22.00 RM22.00
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Tower Big Button 50 pieces
Lacings of different shapes and colours for younger children Great for motor skills development, ..
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Weplay Beanstalk
Product Features : •Stackable beans for 2D and 3D creations. •Easy connective boards for a larger ..
RM250.00 RM235.00
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Art Blocks – Rainbow Crystal
• These single colored translucent cubes can lead children into the imaginative world of brick build..
RM180.00 RM170.00
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Follow the Route
Each piece has two sides, one side has blue symbols with yellow background and the other side is the..
RM320.00 RM288.00
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Putt Putt Balance Board
• The design of double-layered tracks allows the ball to move forward and go in one hole then out fr..
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Shapes & Shadows
To strengthen children's visual memory. There are 20 sets of wooden pieces.Children will learn to..
RM119.90 RM100.00
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Spiral Balance Board
SIZE: W 11" x L 18" x HT 2" Maneuvers the marble along the groove continuously from one side to t..
RM169.90 RM145.00
Product Details
Loop Balance Board
SIZE: W 11ฝ" x L 18ฝ" x HT 2" Maneuvers the marble along the groove continuously from one side to..
RM169.90 RM145.00
Product Details
Zig-Zag Balance Board
SIZE: W 11" x L 18" x HT 2" Maneuvers the marble along the groove continuously from one side to t..
RM169.90 RM145.00
Product Details
Web Magnetic Counting Maze
Use the attached magnetic wand to guide the balls through the maze and drop them into each spider,co..
RM75.90 RM65.00
Product Details
Hammer and Roll
Children can exercise their arms and develop hand-eye coordination by pounding on the colorful pegs...
RM76.90 RM65.40
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Lacing Animals
Four different animals to be laced and traced , helps developing fine motor skills . Product Size..
RM99.90 RM85.00
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Dressing Puzzle
~~Helps in cognition and sequencing skills. Up to 13 pieces of puzzles and 1 string that allows 2..
RM34.90 RM29.00
Product Details
Counting Tower
Children will learn how to count, add and subtract by sight and touch. Ten counting pieces in rai..
RM59.90 RM52.00
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Lacing Board
Make easy colourful stitches with this wooden lacing board. Product Size: W 15.2 x L 17.2 x HT 2 cm..
RM56.90 RM48.50
Product Details
Find & Fit Shape
This set is to identify shapes and distinguish differences with precise cut wooden shapes to be fitt..
RM109.90 RM95.00
Product Details
Egg N' Chopstick
This is an ideal indoor or outdoor activity game and also for children's party.  Use the chopst..
RM45.90 RM35.00
Product Details
Lacing Butterfly
This lively butterfly has flappable wings and can be rocked back and forth. Product Size : W 18 x L..
RM76.90 RM65.50
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3D Shape & Shadow
This set composed of 9 wooden shapes, 3 wooden bases, and 18 double-sided cardboard squares. It is d..
RM76.90 RM65.00
Product Details
8 Block Puzzles
This challenging game requires children to arrange all 8 blocks into 1 large cube so that each and e..
RM65.90 RM56.00
Product Details
Magnetic Maze Board
Exercises fine motor skills by dragging the balls with the magnet pens along the maze lines. Prod..
RM75.90 RM65.00
Product Details
Balance Man
Balance the muscle man with the rings on both sides of the bar. Product size 8 x 43 x 13cm ht ..
RM71.90 RM62.00
Product Details
Threading Blocks
Learn to thread and lace with these three wooden blocks. Thread the string with wooden needle to tie..
RM49.90 RM42.50
Product Details
Sensitivity Stepping Stones
Set of 6 sensory tiles each featuring a different texture. Perfect for sensory exploration and de..
RM164.90 RM132.00
Product Details
Memory Game
These replaceable picture discs never are in the same place for any memory game. Product Size: 21.6..
RM119.90 RM101.90
Product Details
WePlay Rolling 4 Fun
(3 Pieces - 1 Maze and 2 Balls) Weplay® Rolling 4 Fun contains a four-sided track and two balls. ..
Product Details
Wavy Tactile Path Blue
~~Create a fun sensory and balance activity with the 8 Piece Wavy Blue Tactile Path. This innovative..
RM900.00 RM810.00
Product Details
Weplay Twister
• Three levels of resistance (hard, medium, and soft), allow users to progressively strengthen their..
Product Details
Olive Massage Ball
Textured products provide sensory enhancement, relieve tension and increase emotional stability. &n..
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