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Blocks, Lacings & Manipulatives

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Wildlife Puzzle Cubes
A set of 16 blocks which can be arranged into 6 pictures featuring animals in tropical climate . ..
RM99.90 RM80.00
Product Details
Tower Big Button 50 pieces
Lacings of different shapes and colours for younger children Great for motor skills development, ..
Product Details
Duplo A-Like Blocks
Good quality duplo compatible blocks. 180 pieces  Can match with duplo blocks for more fun. ..
RM249.00 RM165.00
Product Details
Art Blocks – Rainbow Crystal
• These single colored translucent cubes can lead children into the imaginative world of brick build..
RM180.00 RM170.00
Product Details
Brick Me
The Giant Brick Me Plastic Building Blocks includes 30 full and 15 half interlocking, lightweight, p..
RM680.00 RM650.00
Product Details
Project Blocks - Small Set (192 pieces)
Set of detailed and symbolic blocks that stimulates building of imaginative projects. Come 48 shapes..
RM1,599.00 RM1,360.00
Product Details
Project Blocks - Medium Set (103 pieces)
Set added multiples and divisions of basic shapes to build fine detailed architectural project. Incl..
RM550.00 RM468.00
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Project Blocks - Small Set (55 pieces)
Set of 14 different shapes block to build simple project. Comes with 55 pieces stored in one wooden ..
RM299.00 RM255.00
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Activity Blocks
Children can arrange the cubes to make scenes showing 4 types of enjoyable activities : dancing, swi..
RM65.90 RM56.00
Product Details
50 Wooden Blocks
A colourful set of blocks that comes in various shapes and sizes. Product Size: 4 x 8 x 2 cm. ..
RM98.90 RM84.00
Product Details
Hide & Seek Cubes
5 brightly coloured blocks with pictures printed on the side. Have fun mixing each block with anothe..
RM109.90 RM88.00
Product Details
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