Rainbow River Stones

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The Rainbow River Stones Set contains 2 each of large, medium and small sized stones of random and natural shapes. Different age group and challenge levels can be created with this versatile set. The stones can be used individually or in combinations of two or three when stacking them together. Different combinations will result in different heights and degrees of steepness; they should be adjusted according to children's ability to ensure safety and make the games you create more valuable.

We suggest children use the stones in bare feet as this stimulates the nerves of the foot sole to enhance sensory development and increases their safety.

To add more challenge to the game, each stone is designed to have three directional points marked by the numbers 1, 2 and 3. When trying to pile the stone on top of another, the users not only have to pay attention to the size, they also have pay attention to the direction of the stone and rotate it until all directional points match before they can successfully complete the task.

• Helps children learn to adapt the environment from game experiences
• Improves self-confidence and reaction capacity through challenges of the game
• Stimulation of the foot sole will lead to tactile development to the body
• Improve emotional stability and concentration ability
• Encourages learning interest
• Enhances stimulation of the vestibular balance and promote movement coordination
• Active games for the whole body
• Improves the action plan ability
• Activates the muscle development

 Components – large, medium and small, 2 pcs each, total 6 pcs
 Maximum Loading 80 kg
 Maximum Height 29 cm


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