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Chop Chop Chicken
A plate of wooden roast chicken that can be cut up in 5 parts with a wooden knife for pretend play. ..
RM83.90 RM75.00
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Breakfast Tray
A pretend play set of delicious looking breakfast tray. Product Size:18 x 28 x 5cm Packed..
RM89.90 RM76.40
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Garage Mini
Mini garage comes with a ramp and an elevator that can be wheeled up and down. One mini car is inclu..
RM243.00 RM206.60
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Eco Car Mini
Mini Eco Car is the vehicle for the greener future. Imaginary play of a car generated from the solar..
RM69.90 RM59.40
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Taxi Mini
Mini  wooden taxi will bring you to your destination safely, a convenient way to travel. Pro..
RM65.90 RM56.00
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Police Car Mini
Wooden mini police car with rubber wheels. Product Size: 9 x 13 x 10cm. Packed with Swing Tag...
RM59.90 RM52.00
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Loader Mini
Mini wooden loader truck with rubber wheels. Product Size: 9 x 17 x 9cm. Packed with Swing Tag..
RM59.90 RM50.90
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Helicopter Mini
A wooden mini helicopter. Product size 6 x 16 x 10cm Packed in a closed box. Age 24mths ..
RM55.90 RM47.50
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Fire Engine Mini
Wooden Mini Fire Engine. Product Size: 9 x 13 x 12cm. Packed with Swing Tag. 24mths+. ..
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Mini Dumper
Wooden Mini Dumper. Product Size: 9 x 13 x 10cm. Packed with Swing Tag. 24mths+. ..
RM59.90 RM50.90
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Fork Lift Truck (Large)
Raise fork and lower load by cranking knob, smooth run with rubber wheels. Product Size: 14 x 28 ..
RM136.90 RM116.40
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Police Car (Large)
This police car features opening cab roof. Comes with two dolls. Product Size: 12 x 25 x 15cm. ..
RM155.90 RM132.50
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Fire Truck (Large)
The fire truck features an opening roof. Comes with 2 dolls. Product Size: 12 x 36 x 18cm. Pac..
RM212.90 RM180.00
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School Bus (Large)
The bus can transport up to 6 passengers and has a convenient open top for easy loading. Comes with ..
RM212.90 RM181.00
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Crane Truck (Large)
Raise the hook and lowers load by cranking knob, smooth run with rubber wheels. Product Size: 13 ..
RM103.90 RM90.00
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Ambulance (Large)
The ambulance features opening cab roof and doors at the rear. Comes with dolls. This ambulance can ..
RM155.90 RM132.50
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Magnetic Maze Board
Exercises fine motor skills by dragging the balls with the magnet pens along the maze lines. Prod..
RM75.90 RM65.00
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50 Wooden Blocks
A colourful set of blocks that comes in various shapes and sizes. Product Size: 4 x 8 x 2 cm. ..
RM98.90 RM84.00
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Hide & Seek Cubes
5 brightly coloured blocks with pictures printed on the side. Have fun mixing each block with anothe..
RM109.90 RM88.00
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LIttle Pink House
Made for a family of 4 dolls, this cute house, features a sliding panel, a fixed wall, and its own c..
RM549.00 RM470.00
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Balance Man
Balance the muscle man with the rings on both sides of the bar. Product size 8 x 43 x 13cm ht ..
RM71.90 RM62.00
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Mix & Match
The six shaped grooves on the tray can be configured, the challenge is to fit the blocks to the corr..
RM56.90 RM48.50
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Threading Blocks
Learn to thread and lace with these three wooden blocks. Thread the string with wooden needle to tie..
RM49.90 RM42.50
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Sensorial Weight
Six skittles filled with a variety of weight materials that a child holds to determine their relativ..
RM139.90 RM118.90
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Sensorial Sounds
The sound cylinder comes in two set of four hollow blocks that are color coded blue and red. The mat..
RM139.90 RM119.00
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Transport Matching Game
The Wonderworld Transport Matching Game is a fantastic educational toy that requires the child to mo..
RM69.90 RM60.00
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