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Miracle Pounding
 As the ball is pounded on with the wooden mallet, a new ball continuously comes up to replace ..
RM141.90 RM110.00
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Tower Big Button 50 pieces
Lacings of different shapes and colours for younger children Great for motor skills development, ..
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Giant Xylophone
This xylophone is not a real musical instrument because the sounds do not comfort to any musical sca..
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Hammer and Roll
Children can exercise their arms and develop hand-eye coordination by pounding on the colorful pegs...
RM76.90 RM65.40
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Tray Puzzle : Flower
Large pieces of puzzle blocks for young learners to play as a puzzle blocks on the tray or as buildi..
RM46.90 RM39.90
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Tray Puzzle : Car
Large puzzle pieces for young learners to play as picture puzzles on the tray or as building blocks...
RM46.90 RM39.90
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Tower Stairs
A colourful toy with poles which are detachable and collapsible. Learn colours, counting and stackin..
RM78.90 RM68.00
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