About Us

Mum Little Tots was first a blog page in 2008 sharing about parenting and William Syndrome, and it’s first hit in Facebook year 2010 with its range of self crafted Diaper Cake as Baby Shower gift, and was then “Mum Little Tots Trading”.

With much passion, it is now Mum Little Tots Marketing and is dedicated exclusively to provide early childhood and learning materials; inclusive of Montessori and educational toys. We supply medium range to high quality materials in the areas of botany, geography, language, mathematics, practical, sports, hearing and sensorial at affordable prices to schools and parents. 

We are much inspired by our children and with a special need child, makes us aspire to be better parents. We celebrate differences. We understand why 6 year olds need color safe toys as our children still bite. They need good quality products as they love listening to the sound while thumping and knocking some toys on the ground. We may be in agony while the lacing beads are on the ground, but it’s the learning to pick up the beads that helps with them in picking up with handwriting.

We express our utmost gratitude in valuable advice from Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Teachers and Professionals in regards of tools that we provide; and hence we are sharing information with parents in need too.

With our participation in Son-Rise Program, Louis Program for children, Applied Positive Behavioural Strategies, Visual Strategies Training, Profiling & Intervention of Children with Developmental Delays, Improving Interpersonal & Organizational Communication for Higher Productivity to name a few, we hope we could provide assistance in any way possible. 

With your support, we at Mumlittletots are able to get this done, a beautiful simple webpage for your easy browsing, sourcing of great products from affordable to premium good quality ones, be it for home use, therapy centers or schools.

Now that our webpage goes online, we hope to provide a personalized service at your convenience; and each item will be much detailed as possible for easy browsing. Upon said that, we are still available should you prefer a much bespoke advice on how the particular tools are to be used or what’s best for your little ones.

We truly believe: to be well, to look good, and to play has not only been defined with how much we invest for. It’s about sharing, ongoing learning, supporting each other, creativity, building self esteem and confidence, letting go, never to fear, never to compare and getting oneself to explore through play.  As for managing a child, there is no perfect parenting as each child differs and has their own ability and development graphs. We will just need to provide them and show them how to get there at their pace as much as possible.

Racial difference aside as we are Buddhists, there was once my daughter exclaimed “Lord Jesus, Amen!” simply means “moga dipermudahkan segalanya” . Hang on there parents, as I do believe in miracles. ;)

Mum Little Tots 2015